I didn't expect this to be as portable as it does a Lot for its small size.

Unlike most I actually didn't get it for my TV but to use with a projector I got on Amazon so I could easily load movies then stream them onto the projector which displays on a pull-down projector screen for instant media room fun. That said, because it is so small it also makes for easy travel whether that means from room to room so you don't need your DVD players in every room or even true travel on vacation to the relatives etc.

I love gadgets but I'm no electronic wiz yet this was simple to understand and use in an instant. So many things come with no manual lately (opting instead for you to print one out on the computer) yet the manual included with this made my understanding of how to use it clear and simple.

That said, I still needed reading glasses to read it! LOL

Considering the cost of a DVD player that does less and you can't pack up in a carry-on with a carry-on full of DVDs to go with it, this seems to be the new wave of watching movies, photo shows or your workout DVDs while traveling or from room to room with ease.

Being able to take my workout routines with me on a business trip or vacation was worth it alone...I never could do that before.

Everything was clear and crisp

I still haven't played with every feature yet but I'm already surprised I didn'tknow much about these things before now....

it seems a far better value than an unsightly DVD player you can't

colo tote around yet I have several of those too

-Chandler No.1 Reviewer


IMP 150 UltraPlay User Guide