Pico Projector PMJ-500

The new PMJ-500 features a revolutionary new compact optical engine capable of delivering 500 peak lumens at a high-definition (HD) resolution of 1280x800. Powered by Texas Instruments' DLP Technology PMJ-500 employs Vibrant Color LED technology that delivers dazzling color quality with an operating life of more than 20,000 hours and is capable of generating a viewing experience of up to 120 inches.

Conventional lamp-based projectors require frequent bulb changes with very expensive bulbs that cost hundred of dollars.

The PMJ-500's LED light source lasts 10 times longer than conventional lamps so bulb changes are a thing of the past.


  • Portable at 1.5 lbs in weight, Vue Series PMJ-500 Projector fits nicely in laptop case
  • Up to 115-Inch image (in low-light condition)
  • Connect Media via HDMI, VGA, Composite A/V, microSD (32GB Max) and/or a USB 2.0 reader
  • Impressive 3D HD Ready Technology with a unique 2D to 3D conversion
  • For Business Presentations & Personal Media Sharing, USB Plug 'n Play instant set up
  • Apple Mac and PC Compatible.

What comes in the Box
In the box comes the incrediSonic Vue Series PMJ-400 Pico Projector, AC Power Supply, VGA Cable, Remote Control, and user Manual also One Year Manufacturer Warrenty also Included