IncdrediSonic Vue Series 3D TV Active Glasses (VSUI1600)

3D TV Active Glasses

  • IR technology
  • Replaceable battery CR2025 (Includes an additional battery)
  • Approximately 150 hours of use per battery.
  • Extremely light weight for added comfort
  • Compatible with IR TV, such as Panasonic, Sharp, Toshiba, Sony, 3D TVs etc (Please see models below before purchasing)

What's Included:

3D Glasses, carrying pouch, additional CR2025 battery, microfiber clean cloth, and user manual. One Year Warranty Included.

BEFORE purchasing please read:

There can be some confusion when purchasing 3D glasses that are not the ones offered to you when you bought your 3D TV/Projector, and the myth of those being the only ones that will work is completely fabricated so you will end up spending your money with them (and usually very expensive).

Good news is that is a myth. While it is true there are several types of 3D technology for 3D glasses, and it is easier to spend that extra money to insure you have the correct glasses; but if you invest a little time in researching what technology your TV uses, the results could be up to hundreds of dollars saved.

The 3 technologies used now are Bluetooth (RF), IR (infrared), and DLP LINK (most commonly used with projectors) and certain companies sometimes use specific technology, making it at times difficult for the consumer to purchase 3D glasses that will work with their 3D TV/Projectors.

Here at IncrediSonic we will do our absolute best to help you on finding the correct 3D glasses and provide the absolute best customer service possible.

Compatible with: